Sunday, 27 March 2016

Fun Ways to Teach Everyday Vocabulary

One thing I found teaching English overseas was that it can be hard to find interesting ways to teach vocabulary, especially for kids. When included in textbooks, pictures were usually black and white and quite dark. Sometimes students would just sit and try and learn vocabulary from dictionaries, which obviously doesn't have a lot of relevance as well as being super boring!

So, I have made two resources that are intended to go hand-in-hand. The first is a set of flashcards which shows everyday objects, which has been featured in this blog before.

 Each target word is drawn as a bright cartoon, shown on one card with the word and another by itself.

To go alongside this, I have also made resizeable images of cartoon-style rooms. Each room, (and the outside of a house), comes in a pair - one image by itself and one labelled with the words for that piece of furniture, furnishing or object in English. more languages will follow and I'll certainly take requests on that!

They also make awesome posters to decorate the classroom with or in your kit as an English language tutor (always looks impressive!). They are also a great stimulus for assessing students. They are bright and have a professional finish, as well as being bright and engaging (who doesn't love cartoons! (; )

These rooms can be found at

As these two resources complement each other so well, I'm going to bundle them as well, so check out my store for this and future ESL/ English/ reading recovery resources (:

Cartoon Figures - Kid Clipart!

A lot of people have asked me about buying cartoon figures, especially after I released Smart Girls. They find it hard to buy anything appropriate, fun-looking, child-friendly or bright at a reasonable price. So I made this:

These are designed to be added to teaching resources, flyers, newsletters and so on to catch people's attention and add some interest. there are also alternate clothing colours to match different colour schemes (:

These can be bought from TPT at:

There are also free cartoon images to be found at  These were designed to give people more positive rolemodel images for women in science and in academic fields.