Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Monday, 1 August 2016


Some cute monsters to teach colours! (Or 'colors!)

These are fun and quirky, to engage students. They also have a lot of detail, so you can expand on them (such as stripes and spots, sad, crazy and happy monsters etc). Ask questions about them or play a game of 'Guess who?'

I have made a set of posters and matching flashcards, all available at tpt in both British/ Australian/ New Zealand and North American English (to account for small spelling differences):





Hope you enjoy them!

Spanish (Español) Room and House Vocabulary Cards and Posters

So, with the able skills of a native speaker friend, I have made the house/ room vocabulary cards in Spanish!  So now handy for tourists and people studying the language (great for visual learners!):

This will add to the clothes and preposition of place I already have in Spanish. More soon!

You can find them at: