Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Workplace Bullying and Harassment Poster - Assess and Express

Ok, so this is a much more serious issue but I am going to write about it here because I hope that this can be of some help to people.

A snippet...
I have had a lot of casual positions, which works in well with other aspects of my life. In a few of these I have come across bullying and harassment, particularly in more stressful workplaces or those that have an obvious hierarchy.

My last position became so stressful that I didn't want to go to work. I couldn't sleep, I got stressed and anxious. My supervisor worked away and seemed unaware of what was going on and it was difficult to articulate the incidents without sounding petty. I had run into some of the same behaviours or culture before and could see patterns, so I started to try and group the behaviours. This is where a degree in Psychology came to the fore.

The result has been this poster which I hope will be helpful to others to recognise and articulate what they are experiencing or witnessing (assess and express). In this way, I hope to give people a tool to assess and express the behaviors that may be leading to workplace stress, unease, inequality or dissatisfaction. 

It can be hard to articulate or report subtle behaviours or incidents that seem like a 'one off'. This poster is set out to explain that each incident is not alone, but part of a bigger pattern. The effect on the victim is not any one incident but the pervasive pattern overall.

This poster is intended for use by employees, colleagues and supervisors, to complement workplace training programs, assist HR or wellness and support staff and/or provide useful information around the workplace. For more information, please see:
for a poster with American spelling, and:
for a poster with British/ Australian spelling.

These people can print and send you as many as you need (:

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Fun Ways to Teach Vocabulary - Rooms and Furniture

One thing I found learning other languages was just how many words you need just to function - just to live with people, navigate around a room, do the shopping. And just how hard it is to learn a long, disjointed list of words, especially for kids.

As a teacher of English, I know just how necessary and yet potentially boring vocabulary lessons can be, so I have made a set of room cards in a cartoon style to make learning this sort of vocabulary fun, relevant and engaging.

I have one set of all rooms and common furniture with labels, and one without to test them.

I made the set resizable so they can be made into posters, worksheets or flashcards. Cool, huh? Great for ESL or early literacy/ reading recovery. More information and to buy them can be found here:

Pretty darn good for $5 I think! (: