Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Fun Ways to Teach Vocabulary - Rooms and Furniture

One thing I found learning other languages was just how many words you need just to function - just to live with people, navigate around a room, do the shopping. And just how hard it is to learn a long, disjointed list of words, especially for kids.

As a teacher of English, I know just how necessary and yet potentially boring vocabulary lessons can be, so I have made a set of room cards in a cartoon style to make learning this sort of vocabulary fun, relevant and engaging.

I have one set of all rooms and common furniture with labels, and one without to test them.

I made the set resizable so they can be made into posters, worksheets or flashcards. Cool, huh? Great for ESL or early literacy/ reading recovery. More information and to buy them can be found here:

Pretty darn good for $5 I think! (:

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