Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Persuasive Text Scaffolds

As I sat scratching my head as to how to teach my daughter the structure she needed for persuasive writing, I realised that what she was missing was a scaffold - a structure that she could learn and attach her ideas to so that her arguments were easier to understand. That way, she could easily check that she had all the elements she needed and she could separate and expand on her ideas. So, this was born:

This breaks down the structure of a persuasive text and explains the function of it part. It gives examples and leads the student through the writing process. It then gives them the opportunity to rewrite the text without assistance, to see how it comes together.

Scaffolding is often recommended by teachers and those assessing tests such as NAPLAN. It is a great way to guide students through and even to slow down those students, like my daughter, who have a great rush of ideas but down slow down enough to expand on them.

It is for sale on my TPT store for $3.00 and is great for all sort of exam and writing preparation.

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