Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Clothes Vocabulary Cards

When I was overseas teaching English, one of the resources that I needed most often but was hard to find, was flashcards for clothes. Students not only needed to learn the vocabulary, but the adjectives to describe them (stripey, spotty or polka-dotted, floral, plain etc) and the order to use those adjectives (e.g. 'She was wearing a blue, floral dress.')

I never did find a good set, so I have made my own. This one is in Australian English, (as the possibility of finding one of those was even rarer!), though I will soon add a British English and American English version to localise the language (so we don't argue what a thong is (; )

There are some pictures available online as posters, but they always seem to be made out of 1980's (non-matching) clipart or hand drawn black and white drawings from when men wore their pants around their bustline. So I cut mine out of cute paper to give them a fun, bright, quirky look and feel, and so they'd have a bit more heart.

They are available at:

I'm also translating these into world languages - so far I have French:

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