Monday, 18 July 2016

More Clothes Resources!

Well, you can't complain when your job means you spend a few days cutting out paper! I had SOOO much fun making these little paper clothes! They remind me of the paper dolls you dress with paper, which you don't see so often now. I used to love playing with them (although I worried about their backs being cold...)

Anyhoo, I have extended the original clothes flashcard/ picture sets and now have clothes vocab sets in:

INDONESIAN! (To make my Indonesian teacher proud!)

BRITISH ENGLISH! (because you guys call them flip flops...)

AMERICAN ENGLISH! (because jumpers are a different thing to you guys...)

SPANISH! (Just because they have awesome words for clothes!)

I've run them past native speakers, so it's been a busy few weeks...Anyway, check them out at TPT (free to join, get awesome stuff....)

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