Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Everyday Object Flashcards for TESOL/ ESL, Early learners and Language Classes

There are really boring ways to learn vocabulary in your own or other languages, but hopefully this isn't one.
These are flashcards showing everyday objects and the word for them, BUT (and this is the cool part), they come in sets of three: one card shows the picture with the object, another shows just the picture and another shows just the word. So, after teaching the vocabulary with the handy picture, you can then test people using either the pictures or words (I recommend a game of pictionary), or let them pair them up in memory, snap or fish ('Have you got something to use in the bathroom?'). If you have to learn a lot of new words, why be boring?

I can't recommend these sorts of flashcards enough for ESL/ TESOL teachers teaching beginner or early intermediate students. They can be used in other ways too, to prompt conversations without  talking too much yourself (Teacher Talking Time), to create scenarios or roleplays such as grocery shopping, homestays or staying at a hotel, (Excuse me please, could I please get a clean towel?'), as a stimulus for describing things or expressing likes and dislikes. They make a bright and interesting addition to lots of lessons.

The set is available online at for only $2.00.

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