Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The Hamburger Hut - Tactile Lesson to Target Spoken Skills

The Make-Your-Own Hamburger Hut, gives your students have the opportunity to make their own hamburgers out of the ingredients given. You get all the pieces separately and can put together your own hamburgers, as you like them (or ask someone else to, in order to get confidence in ordering, expressing opinions and asking questions).

It's great for both ESL / TESOL learners and early learners. You can cut out and laminate the pieces so that they can be reused again and again. It really engages students in a physical task. They can also be put onto a smartboard and moved around.

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This can used to teach all sorts of lessons:

* Expressing likes and dislikes (’I like cheese’, ‘I don’t like beetroot on my hamburger’);
* Expressing opinion  (‘I don’t think it is right to eat meat’ ‘I think egg on hamburgers is weird’);
* Food vocabulary (lettuce, tomatoes, cheese etc);
* Asking questions  (‘Do you like cheese?’ ‘Would you like mustard on your hamburger?’);
* Colours;
* Discussion of cultural differences and food preferences;
* Countable and uncountable nouns (much vs many) (‘I don’t like much mustard’ ‘I only want a few pickles’);
* Prepositions of place (under, over, on top of, on etc) ;
* Superlatives and comparatives (bigger than, the biggest etc); and
* Ordering food target language (‘I would like..’ ‘Can I please have…’ etc).

Students can do the activities all together or can break into groups. Consider having one student taking orders, one making the hamburgers and other people ordering (then swap)! (:

They have been hand-drawn in a fun cartoon style to make them more appealing. And yes, I am Australian, so I have included pineapple and beetroot, but that's something else you can discuss with your students! (;

I had a lot of fun with its prototype with ESL students in Japan. There were lots of giggles and more importantly, something to bring out those confident speaking skills.


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