Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Relexive Pronouns (-self and -selves)

The type of construction 'I saw myself' or 'They washed themselves' is quite a strange one to many speakers of other languages and can even be confusing to young native speaker 'He washed heself'. For teachers it can be a difficult lesson to make interesting to to give examples for.

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This is a set with a complete lesson on reflexive pronouns (myself, yourself, himself, herself etc) including two sets of flashcards - fun cartoon hands to use as prompts as well as paired cards with the reflexive and the corresponding pronoun (e.g he - himself, she - herself). The paired cards can also be used in pairing games (e.g. memory or snap), in pairing exercises or as prompts.
The lesson includes explanations of the grammar, examples, spoken exercise and instructions on how to use the flashcards. It is a very direct, to-the-point lesson which suits shorter lesson times (less than an hour).
The lesson can be found at my tpt store for only $2.00:

This makes a good lesson in itself, but can also be used as a display lesson or to advertise ESL classes. Through the lesson, you will be able to assess the skill level of new students.

This is based on a lesson I taught quite frequently and is a great lesson for building confidence as the target structure can be picked up quite easily for intermediate students. This means that students can focus on extending speaking skills.

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