Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Letter Combination (Phonics) Flashcards (ph, sh, th, ch, wh, gh)

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This is a set of 36 flashcards with bright, fun, hand-drawn images.

They show the consonant combinations that many students have problems with - sh, th, ph, wh, gh and ch (letter combinations using 'h'). This is because adding an 'h' can suddenly change the whole sound, for example from 's' to 'sh'.

Each letter combination has 1 or 2 words. Each word has a card showing just the images, a card with the word for that image and a card showing the target letters.

The cards create a visual aid for the target letter combinations. The word is given to assist with sight learning and the target is drawn out to help students understand which letter combination is associated with that sound.

These can be used as prompts, in memory games, snap or in matching activities, for example:
* letter combination (e.g. 'ch') and image (e.g. 'cheese');
* letter combination (e.g. 'ch') and word (e.g. 'cheese');
* image and word;
* image to prompt word;
* image to prompt letter combination 'ch'.

These will teach the students to scan for these combinations, read the word by sight and associate the image with the sound (phonic association).

These are designed for young learners or ESL learners and can be found at

Copyright 2015 Meg English.

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