Monday, 15 February 2016

Pizza Clip Art

Well, the most engaging (and relatable) way I could think of to teach fractions to early learners was to set up a Pizzeria!

Here are some ideas for using this resource:
1.  Print out one pizza per student and get them to cut it up into ever smaller fractions to feed more people (e.g. halves, quarters and eighths or halves and sixths etc);

2. Ask students to roleplay the pizza maker and the customer. The customer has to tell the pizza maker how many people want a piece (if you can source or make pizza boxes, this one really comes to life!);

3. Ask the students to cut out (smaller) pizzas into set fractions (e.g. thirds, quarters, fifths etc). Ask them to  paste them onto cardboard, slightly separated and label the fractions. Then ask the students to write how many pieces that made.

As well as this, you can use the images to advertise fundraisers for your school such as pizza days or harmony days.

The images provided are resizeable so you can make your pizzas as small or as big as you like. (:

This sells for only $1.00 and you can find it at

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