Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Let's Grow - Postive Behaviour Reinforcement and Reward

 This is a positive feedback tool for preschoolers and early primary students, which also doubles as a bright and cheerful classroom decoration! It is a reward and acknowledgement concept for when students display behaviours that you would like to encourage or reward, (such as kindness, sharing, consideration, patience, turn-taking or helping etc).

I thought of it because I don't know about you, but I find a lot of kids get a bit bored with charts. Many of them have them at home and they often outgrow them. Also, charts are often designed to reward set behaviours where children can display amazing behaviours through the day that we really should acknowledge and encourage, like helping a friend who was hurt, sharing their pencils, saying something kind or taking care of a new student etc. This is also good for higher order learning, such as understanding that there are many points of view in the world or showing great time management. This is intended to capture those moments so are as individual as each child. At the end, each child has a personal memento and something to take home and put in their room with pride.

It works on the 'catch them being good' idea rather than just giving consequences to inappropriate behaviour. It also openly acknowledges those quiet achievers who may not feel they are getting the same attention as more disruptive students. Moreover, it is a resource that is focused completely on behaviour rather than academic achievement, which means it is inclusive and useful for all students.

Let's Grow starts as a fun and cheerful craft activity. When it is put up in the classroom, students can take pride in their artwork as well as their positive behaviours. They have a sense of ownership over its progress as well as being able to work towards a obtainable, behaviour-based goal.

Depending on how many you make, this activity can last a few days up to a term.

At the end of this activity, you can show your students how everyone looking after each other makes the world a more beautiful place to live in!

Includes templates (fully coloured, blank and semi-coloured, depending on your needs) and instructions. Equipment needed: paper to print out onto, coloured pencils/ markers/ paint, glue, scissors and tape/ adhesive putty. To save time, you could also use patty cases to make the bright flowers, especially with one smaller one inside a bigger one.

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