Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Three Clocks for Learning Time - for Hours, Minutes and Phrases

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One of my children was still really struggling to tell time long after I thought it would be an issue for her. I figure that much of the difficulty for children is in the different ways we talk about time, from '10 past' to 'o'clock', '8:35' to 'quarter to'.

The idea of these clocks is to separate these different descriptions of time. With the first clock, they can just learn o'clock and half past. Then children can estimate the time only looking at the little hand and seeing whether it is on a number, or closer to one number or the next. the next clock shows the minutes, going up by 5, and the last divides the clock more like a pie, into quarters and halves. This is the more verbal way of relaying time for children who are more exposed to digital time.

These clocks are available here https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Three-Clocks-for-Learning-Time-Tactile-Fun-2084544 for only $2.00.

You can print one clock per child, laminate them (to reuse), attach the hands with a butterfly pin and then the children can practise actually moving the hands to make each time you say or write.

Please also have a look out for my time Flashcards which pair analogue and digital time flashcards for pairing exercises and games. There are four sets, featuring hours, half past, minutes and 24-hour time, so they can be paced to be progressively more difficult.

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